Other Major Business And Science Events (click to read more)

World Congress of  Educational Trade Unions, Cape Town, 2010

2nd World Social Security Forum, Cape Town, 2010

Castrol Ambassador Club, Johannesburg, 2010

16th International Wheelset Congress, Cape Town, 2010

AFC Extraordinary Congress, Johannesburg, 2010

Russian – South African workshop on weapons trade (by DoD), Pretoria, 2011

International trade Union Conference, Durban, 2011

Nanomaterials workshop (organised by DTI and DST), Pretoria, 2011

International Military HIV/AIDS Conference, Maputo, 2012

EITI Board Meeting, Lusaka, 2012

GAVI International Forum, Tanzania, 2012

BRICS Conference, Durban, SA, March 2013

BRICS Business Forum, Johannesburg, August 2013

Mining Forum, Johannesburg, August 2013

BRICS Conference on cooperatives, Cape Town, October 2013

Kimberly Process Certification Scheme, Johannesburg, November 2013

Atomex-Africa 2013, Forum, November, 2013

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