Russian English Interpreting

Seeking for translating or interpreting services fast? You have landed at the right spot where the best translators will help you to read or hear everything in your language for better understanding. If the foreign language seems an alien to you, we are here for your help and interpret everything you want for your personal and business requirements.

SMA Consulting provides Russian English Interpreting and translation services for years in South Africa and abroad. We are continually working with the top class businesses of this country and many African countries and providing high-quality content to their international customers. No matter, the purpose of the translating content, whether it is for a website, for promotion, business deals, academics or for other purposes, we can easily handle all sorts of a project without any fail. The company is successfully run by Marina Shatalov, a native Russian speaker  and a professional translator/interpreter with over 30 years of experience of working both in Russia and in South Africa after having moved here in 1994. She has a team of professionals who have great knowledge of almost every domain, best in communication and experience to perform work as required. Marina has a degree in Interpreting and Linguistics and has years of experience of translating for many corporate events, meetings, conferences. She has been invited several times to work at UN conferences. She worked the best at conferences and meetings and provided simultaneous and consecutive interpretation on various domains, including- scientific, economic, technical and political speeches.

Our translation service company is known for providing fast, accurate language translation solutions for international business. Our combo of class-leading translation skills, quick deadlines, and straightforward customer service helps our clients understand, engage and communicate with the audiences confidently around the world. We have made everything simple for you, so you better connect with our experts for deep discussion of your needs. We are experienced and can easily accommodate your interpretation or translation services needs throughout the world also we can provide private interpreter who will help you as your personal assistant in the business meetings or can be your tour guide/interpreter to help during you visit to South Africa or Russia and through various business and cultural visits. We can also arrange an interpreter to meet and accompany your guests to show them the various places and guide them in their languages for better understanding and peace.

We have dedicated resources of professional native-speaker translators to guarantee accurate translations with high degree of confidentiality. So, if you are looking for qualified translation services – be it technical documentation, mining, political, social, academic, medical, cultural or marketing material, we are here at your service 24/7.

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Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is a bit misleading. While the translator is almost instantaneously delivering the information, he/she must wait for key factors of the speaker’s sentence such as subject or predicate of the translation accuracy. That is why there is a slight delay in the translation you hear in your headsets.

Simultaneous Skills

Because of the short time frame and the complexity of language, a simultaneous interpreter must be quick-thinking and decide on the most likely interpretation and follow it through. To spend unnecessary time decyphering the speakers phrasing could amount to losing important information in the next sentence. Thus the interpreter shall have good general knowledge and sufficient knowledge of the topic discussed to be able to predict the flow of the speech.

Simultaneous Needs

Simultaneous interpretation needs special equipment. The interpreters are sitting in a specially equipped booth with microphones. There should be 2 interpreters per language (per booth) as the interpreters take turns usually every 30 minutes. The work is very stressful and needs a lot of concentration. Due to UN regulations simultaneous interpreters shall take turns every 30 min.

How is simultaneous interpretation done

Interpreters are sitting in the booth with headsets and a microphone. They hear the speech in one language and simultaneously translate it into another language into the microphone. The clients sitting in the room (venue) have a headset and a device with programmes. They can choose the programme (the language) they want to listen to and press the button. They will hear the voice of the interpreter who translated into the chosen language.

At multiple languages conferences like BRICS interpretation into several languages is provided. There are several booths like English-Russian, English-Chinese, English-Portuguese. Many people wonder what happens when for example a Chinese speaker speaks Chinese and how we manage to provide interpretation from Chinese into Russian. We use so called relay interpretation. The English-Chinese interpreters translate the speech from Chinese into English and other interpreters listen to the English translation and translate into their corresponding languages, for example Russian. So it is very important to have a good team of highly professional and qualified interpreters.

The interpreter usually goes not have the benefit of seeing the speech in advance. It is very important that the interpreter should be able to get ready for any conference or meeting where he or she provides interpretation. If we can study the materials in advance we can provide higher quality of service. Unfortunately the organizers of the events do not always under

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting involves the speaker delivering the speech in their source language and then pausing after 1-2 sentences so that the translator can interpret the to the audience. Thus, consecutive translating is more likely to be used for round the table talks, small meetings, seminars and workshops as well as for visits to the plants, mines and other objects.