There is not job which is too big or too small. We interpret at large scale international forums and small but not less important business meetings.

Even if just two people meet and need full understanding of each other and substantial communication. Then we come to help you and you would not even notice that you speak to each other through an interpreter. The best interpreter is the one you do not notice and think you communicate directly to your partner but he is also the one you cannot do without. If the interpreter stops speaking you will be silent as well.

Interpreter’s skills:

Who is an interpreter? Some people wrongly believe that anyone who can fluently speak 2 languages can work as an interpreter. This absolutely wrong opinion is shared by some clients who sometimes decide to use a Russian person living in SA they happen to know as an interpreter just because he/she speaks Russian and English. On the other hand, some Russians staying in SA are of the opinion that they can easily interpret. This is a big mistake. One has to be a professional to do this job well.

A common mistake is that people think they can work as teachers and interpreters even if they do not have corresponding training, practice and experience.

To be a good interpreter you need:

A profound knowledge of at least 2 languages (including grammar, syntax, semantics, etc);

Broad knowledge in various fields of science, technology, economy, etc.;

Excellent memory and be able to memorize new terminology quickly and be able to use is professionally. An interpreter cannot be a specialist in all the fields and areas he/she translates or interprets, so to be able to transfer the meaning from one language into another an interpreter must have a broad vocabulary and be able to learn quickly. The more experiences an interpreter is the more vocabulary from various areas of knowledge he/she can use.;

Good reaction and flexibility, ability to adapt to changes and work under stresses;

Good understanding of ethical values and principles. An interpreter can fail or save a business situation. Good knowledge of traditions, mentality, norms of behavior, customs and dos and don’ts  in the language countries, and many other things.

Remember: for successful negotiations and talks get the best interpreter who will be your assistant and support. Do not forget that you will be speaking though your interpreter: he or she will be your ears and your language.