Russian Lessons

Please note that we only offer live lessons and not pre-recorded lessons. This is because in order to learn the language properly one needs to be able to communicate with a Russian speaker. We offer 1 on 1 and group classes either via Zoom or in-person (Pretoria based). 


Small Groups and individual attention to each student. 

We are happy to announce opening of registration for a live short online course of basic Russian. It is a three month zoom course, 1 hour lesson, twice a week. 

Course Fee: R125 per/lesson (24 lessons in total)

Each lesson is 1 hour long 2x per/week (in the evening) over 3 months.

During the course you will learn Russian alphabet, basic grammar, extensive vocabulary and conversation skills.

Your tutor is an experienced professional teacher of languages with over 20 years experience. 

All the course materials will be provided via email upon payment of your registration fee. 

At the end of the course the students who will attend all the classes and do all the homework/practice will be able to read in Russian, communicate on basic topics, ask questions and understand answers. They will feel confident to go to Russia as tourists, students or searching employment.



The course is meant and absolutely essential for those who are planning to visit Russia as tourists once Russia opens the borders for foreign tourists, since the majority of Russian citizens do not speak English and it is very easy to get lost or disappointed because people will not understand you and you will not understand them. It is highly advisable to speak some language before you visit any country, especially Russia.

The course is also indispensable for students who are applying to study at various Russian universities or those who have found or searching for employment in Russia. It is well known that Russia offers one of the best educations in the world, and Russian education is recognized worldwide. Even if your Bachelor or Masters course is in English you will have to live among Russian people and it is highly recommended to arrive to Russia with some basic knowledge of the language.

Employment in Russia opens up wide horizons for your further carrier. Russia is a very well-developed industrial country with superb perspectives for specialists in various professions, especially Hi-Tech, IT, engineering, safety. Knowledge of Russian will be a big plus for your CV.

Those who would like to continue learning the Russian language and enhance their grammar and vocabulary can apply to the second level course of Russian after successful completion of the first level (basic) course.

We teach you practical Russian language and fundamental to advanced grammar. We have overall teaching experience of 35 years together with 25 years of experience of teaching SA diplomats and businessmen going to work in Russia. We have testimonials from our students that after the language-culture course it was very easy to adapt to life in Russia.

You will go though the basic grammar lessons, useful vocabulary words and phrases, advice on how to speak Russian and minimize your accent, helpful tips on how to learn the Russian language more efficiently, links to websites and information brochures about Russia and the Russian language and and insight on the Russian culture and traditions.

We offer one-on-one or group Russian lessons via Zoom or in selected areas in Gauteng, South Africa.

Learn How To Speak Russian Like A Native With Our Unique Russian Language Course!