Good translation and interpretation can be you way to success! (click to read more)

Good quality highly professional interpretation and translation is a very important part of any cooperation and negotiations between governments and business of different countries.

 A professional experienced interpreter with profound knowledge of technical and economic terminology and deep knowledge and understanding of the culture, history, economic and political situation in both countries can make a substantial contribution in any joint project.

SMA Consulting is an important link between Russia and other former Soviet Union countries  and South Africa in all fields of cooperation and joint projects.

If you are a South African company wishing to explore a vast Russian market your first step is to present your company and your business there. Your advertisement and website information should be translated by a qualified experienced translator. We can help you as we have helped dozens of other SA companies. This is your first step to success.

Next step is a business meeting. To reach understanding and make the meeting a success you need a facilitator who would enable your fluent communication. The role of a good interpreter is extremely important. The choice of interpreter for business talks and field visits can be your key to success. Do not underestimate the contribution of an interpreter and always chose the best.

Marina Shatalov of the SMA Consulting is a highly qualified professional translator and interpreter with about 30 years of experience, nearly 20 years of which she has been working in South Africa. After finishing Moscow Linguistic University, the leading University in the field of linguistics, language practicing, teaching of languages and translation/interpreting she worked in Moscow as a translator, interpreter and language teacher in various companies and organizations including South African Embassy in Russia.

After she moved to the RSA she continued her carrier and has been involved in many joint projects in various fields of industry, business, culture and technology.

Since 1999 she has been working as a simultaneous interpreter at various bilateral and international conferences in South Africa and other African countries.

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