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BRICS is a powerful association of 5 countries: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South  Africa. In March 2013 South Africa joined the former BRIC club which became BRICS and hosted the 5th summit in Durban on 26-27 March 2013. SMA consulting provided Russian-English simultaneous interpretation at this most important meeting which discussed the key issues of cooperation within the BRICS forum and outlined the roadmap for further joint efforts in various fields of work.

The summit was followed by a number of BRICS conferences in specific fields and areas of cooperation. Russia is one of the most important South

African partners in many areas of economy, culture and education, including: mining, metallurgy, science, energy, water resources, nature conservation, medicine, nanotechnology, banking, tourism, new technologies and many others.

Marina Shatalov and her partner provided simultaneous interpretation at all the BRICS meetings, such as:

BRICS Heads of Customs meeting

BRICS Business Forum

BRICS Partnership through Co-operatives

Due to our excellent services we have already been contracted to provide simultaneous interpretation at other BRICS meetings to follow.

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